Tosagua (Manab:?) is near Highway 4; is near Highway 401; is near R; is near Highway 41; is near 100; is near R1; is near Highway 404; is near Highway 416; Tosagua (Manab:?) is geographically located at latitude(-0.78 degrees) 0° 46' 48" South of the Equator and longitude (-80.26 degrees) 80° 15' 36" West of the Prime Meridian on the Map of the world.

The locations related to Tosagua (Manab:?) are represented by the line of sight between two points and may not be nearest by road. For example, Tosagua (Manab:?) is located 0 metres from Tosagua (Manabi). Tosagua (Manab:?) is located 12 kilometres from Calceta (Manabi). Tosagua (Manab:?) is located 16.5 kilometres from Junin (Manabi). Tosagua (Manab:?) is located 21.4 kilometres from Chone (Manabi). Tosagua (Manab:?) is located 27.1 kilometres from Rocafuerte (Manabi).

Consulate Hotel, Apalachicola (Florida) 3429.9km, Watergate, Washington, DC 4422.7km, Town Hill Hotel (Maryland) 4503km, are places to stay (hotel, service apartment, inn) located near Tosagua (Manab:?).

Rancho San Antonio, Palo Alto 6286.7km, are places to shop (shopping mall, shop houses) located near Tosagua (Manab:?).

University of Virginia 4316.7km, Sargent University Hall (Illinois) 4830.2km, MIT, Boston (Massachusetts) 4899.6km, are places of learning (school, college, university) located near Tosagua (Manab:?).

Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando 3263.8km, McRae Pine Forest, Florida 3406.4km, Gold Head State Park (Florida) 3407.2km, are parks, playgrounds, open fields or commons located near Tosagua (Manab:?).

Tosagua (Manab:?)

Tosagua (Manabi)

Calceta (Manabi)

Junin (Manabi)

Chone (Manabi)

Rocafuerte (Manabi)

Bahia de Caraquez (Manabi)

Portoviejo (Manabi)

Santa Ana (Manabi)

Manta, Ecuador: Eloy Alfaro [MEC]

Montecristi (Manabi)

Manta, Ecuador: Manta Airport [MEC]

Manta (Manabi)

Sucre (Manabi)

El Carmen (Manabi)

Jipijapa (Manabi)

Velasco Ibarra (Guayas)

Colimes (Guayas)

Pajan (Manabi)


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Tosagua (Manab:?)

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