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P'a-ch'ih-chiang, Hebei; P'a-chiang-k'ou, Guangdong; P'a-chiang-k'ou-hsu, Guangdong; P'a-erh, Xizang; P'a-li, Xizang; P'a-li-tsung, Xizang; P'a-t'e-k'a-ko-li-k'o, Xinjiang; P'a-ting, Xizang; P'a-ting-ko, Xizang; P'a-ts'ai-chieh, Yunnan; P'a-yang, Xizang; P'ai-chou, Hubei; P'ai-hsi-ts'un, Zhejiang; P'ai-hui-chen, Hebei; P'ai-ling-chen, Zhejiang; P'ai-lou-chieh, Anhui; P'ai-lou-kang, Hubei; P'ai-lou-kou, Gansu; P'ai-lou-kou, Jiangsu; P'ai-lou-shih, Jiangsu; P'ai-men-t'ou, Zhejiang; P'ai-p'u-shih, Hainan; P'ai-pi, Hunan; P'ai-pu, Jiangxi; P'ai-shih, Hubei; P'ai-su-pa-t'e, Xinjiang; P'ai-t'an-hsu, Guangdong; P'ai-t'ou-chen, Zhejiang; P'ai-t'ou-chen, Zhejiang; P'ai-ts'ang, Shanghai; P'ai-wei Chiao, Guangdong (point); P'ai-ya-chen, Shanghai; P'an Yu, Zhejiang (island); P'an, Guizhou; P'an-an, Zhejiang; P'an-an-chen, Gansu; P'an-ch'eng-chi, Jiangsu; P'an-ch'i Shan, Zhejiang (island); P'an-ch'i, Yunnan; P'an-ch'i, Yunnan (railroad station); P'an-ch'i-chen, Zhejiang; P'an-ch'iao, Jiangxi; P'an-chi, Anhui; P'an-chi, Anhui; P'an-chia, Zhejiang; P'an-chia-ch'iao, Jiangsu; P'an-chia-ch'iao-chen, Jiangsu; P'an-chia-chi, Anhui; P'an-chia-chi, Anhui; P'an-chia-chuang, Hebei; P'an-chia-chuang, Tianjin; P'an-chia-kang, Jiangsu; P'an-chia-p'ieh, Jiangsu; P'an-chia-p'u, Anhui; P'an-chia-pa, Jiangsu; P'an-chia-sha, Shanghai; P'an-chia-shui-wan, Shandong; P'an-chia-tang, Zhejiang; P'an-chia-tien, Hebei; P'an-chia-wan, Hubei; P'an-chia-wan, Shaanxi; P'an-chia-yao, Jilin; P'an-chia-yu, Shanxi; P'an-chiang-ch'iao, Guizhou; P'an-chih-hua, Yunnan; P'an-chih-hua, Yunnan; P'an-chuang, Hebei; P'an-chuang, Shanxi; P'an-chuang, Tianjin; P'an-chuang, Zhejiang; P'an-chuang-chen, Tianjin; P'an-ho, Henan; P'an-hou-wei, Zhejiang; P'an-hsi, Yunnan; P'an-hsi-lu, Zhejiang; P'an-hsi-tu, Shandong; P'an-hsien, Guizhou; P'an-hsien-t'e-ch'u, Guizhou; P'an-huo-ch'iao, Zhejiang; P'an-ku, Guangxi; P'an-ku, Heilongjiang; P'an-ku-shan, Jiangxi; P'an-lang-chen, Zhejiang; P'an-lung, Guizhou; P'an-lung, Jiangxi; P'an-lung, Shaanxi; P'an-lung, Shaanxi; P'an-lung, Shanghai; P'an-lung, Shanxi; P'an-lung, Sichuan; P'an-lung, Sichuan; P'an-lung-chen, Chongqing; P'an-lung-chen, Shanghai; P'an-lung-chen, Shanghai; P'an-lung-chen, Shanxi; P'an-lung-hsu, Jiangxi; P'an-pan-ch'iao, Zhejiang; P'an-shan-chen, Liaoning; P'an-shan-hsien, Liaoning; P'an-shih, Jilin; P'an-shih, Zhejiang; P'an-shih-chen, Chongqing; P'an-shih-chen, Jilin; P'an-shih-hsien, Jilin; P'an-shih-tien, Shandong; P'an-shih-wei, Zhejiang; P'an-shun, Guangdong; P'an-ssu, Shanxi; P'an-ssu-ts'un, Shanxi; P'an-t'ang-chen, Jiangsu; P'an-t'ien, Fujian; P'an-t'o, Chongqing; P'an-t'o, Shanxi; P'an-t'o-ts'un, Shanxi; P'an-tai, Guangdong; P'an-tao, Shanxi; P'an-tao-kou, Nei Mongol; P'an-tao-liang, Shanxi; P'an-te-hsing, Jiangsu; P'an-tien, Shandong; P'an-ts'un, Anhui; P'an-ts'un, Anhui; P'an-ts'un-chen, Anhui; P'an-tu, Fujian; P'an-wa, Hebei; P'an-yang, Zhejiang; P'an-yang-ts'un, Zhejiang; P'an-yu, Guangdong; P'an-yu-hsien, Guangdong; P'ang-chia-chuang, Shanxi; P'ang-chia-p'u, Hebei; P'ang-chia-pao, Hebei; P'ang-chia-tso, Hebei; P'ang-chuang, Shanxi; P'ang-chuang, Tianjin; P'ang-ho-p'u, Shanxi; P'ang-k'ou-ts'un, Hebei; P'ang-ko-chuang, Beijing; P'ang-ko-chuang, Hebei; P'ang-ko-chuang, Tianjin; P'ang-ko-chuang-chen, Beijing; P'ang-kuang, Shaanxi; P'ang-kuang-chen, Shaanxi; P'ang-lung, Shaanxi; P'ang-lung-chen, Shaanxi; P'ang-ma-an Tao, Zhejiang (islands); P'ang-pei, Nei Mongol; P'ang-pei, Nei Mongol; P'ang-shan-hu, Jiangsu; P'ang-t'ou, Fujian; P'ang-t'ou-chen, Fujian; P'ang-to, Xizang; P'ang-to-ch'eng, Xizang; P'ang-to-tsung, Xizang; P'ao-ch'e-chen, Jiangsu; P'ao-chiang-kou, Guangdong; P'ao-chiang-kou-hsu, Guangdong; P'ao-t'ai-ts'un, Zhejiang; P'ao-t'ai-ying-tzu, Nei Mongol; P'ao-ts'o, Fujian; P'ao-tzu, Liaoning; P'ao-tzu-yen, Liaoning; P'ei Shan, Zhejiang (island); P'ei, Jiangsu; P'ei, Jiangsu; P'ei-ch'eng-chen, Henan; P'ei-ch'eng-chen, Jiangsu; P'ei-ch'iao, Henan; P'ei-chia-ch'uan-k'ou, Shanxi; P'ei-chia-chuang, Shanxi; P'ei-chia-ho, Shaanxi; P'ei-chia-kang, Anhui; P'ei-chia-wan, Shaanxi; P'ei-chia-yao, Shanxi; P'ei-chia-yu, Shanxi; P'ei-chiang-ch'ang, Chongqing; P'ei-chieh, Shanxi; P'ei-chieh-chen, Shanxi; P'ei-chuang, Shanxi; P'ei-hsien, Jiangsu; P'ei-hsien, Jiangsu; P'ei-hsien, Jiangsu; P'ei-hsien-ch'eng, Jiangsu; P'ei-hui-chen, Hebei; P'ei-kang, Anhui; P'ei-kou, Shanxi; P'ei-kou-ts'un, Shanxi; P'ei-li-chuang, Xizang; P'ei-li-tsung, Xizang; P'ei-lin-ts'un, Shanxi; P'ei-na-mu-tsung, Xizang; P'ei-ou-ts'un, Guangxi; P'ei-shan, Henan; P'ei-she-ts'un, Shanxi; P'ei-te, Heilongjiang; P'ei-ts'un-tsung, Xizang; P'ei-tui-tsung, Xizang; P'ei-yu, Jiangsu; P'en-ch'u, Guizhou; P'en-kuan-chuang, Tianjin;

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