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Good day to you kind readers!

So you expect from us some declaration of our intentions, and the course we intend pursing in the management of Pagenation.com. Like a candidate for other honours than those we now seek, we proceed to declare our sentiments whilst weaver the honorableness of our intentions.

Singapore 1819

The enunciation of our principles and intended mode of conduct. Pagenation.com need not seek out arguments in support of the unfettered liberty which the new media should possess, because there are few in whose breast, a doubt is entertained respecting the benefits derived and derivable from public journalism.

The new media is allowed to be the "the fourth estate" (a phrase that refers to the profession of Journalism, specifically the printed media) and ought never to be wanting in an unequivocal and zealous maintenance of its object, since it embraces a defence of the immunities and privileges of a free people. A knowledge of the fact that the new media is free serves to deepen the conviction that its end is fulfilled so long only as it upholds fearlessly the integrity of national institutions, laying bare to the eye whatever abuses spring up or exist, and by its faithful advocacy of public rights secure to the governed protection against the innovations or misrule of the governing. These are the primary uses of the new media, to which the communication of intelligence and miscellaneous information are merely secondary.

Convinced that the new media has a noble object for its end, believing it to be an engine of power capable of ameliorating the condition of mankind, we approach the task our new undertaking imposes on us with delicacy and difference, insomuch we feel it will require that the whole force of our humber abilities be brought into operation in order to keep pace with the talent so conspicuously displayed by our contemporaries.

At all events, Pagenation.com trust that our reader will be as sensibly convinced of our endeavors to preserve, as we are resolved to pursue, an even and unflinching course, sparing neither labour nor expense to dispense to our supporter a well select fund of useful information.


Green we may be, but it is in reference to old age more than inexperience. Perhaps we are somewhat given to facetiousness; where we do so indulge it is soberly done in the best spirit. Desirous of living on the best terms with all our contemporaries we seek peace for its own sake; but as we value it so will be found always ready for a fair "stand up" fight.

Happy Chinese New Year 1901. Wish you luck in the Year of the Rat!

Nathan Page, Esq.
Page Nation Editorial Head.
Thursday, 31st January 1901.
Commercial Square, Singapore.

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